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Mystic Pearl Merlot, 2022

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2022 Fraser Valley 750 mL, 13.7% ALC/VOL

Tasting Notes: Exhibiting a profound velvet hue, this wine tantalizes the senses with rich notes of luscious plum, succulent cherries, and sweet figs. The bouquet is further enhanced by the vibrant aromas of fragrant thyme and wild mushrooms. On the palate, enjoy layered flavors of smoked ham and a hint of tobacco, culminating in a seamlessly smooth finish.

Food Pairing: steak, lamb, pork and poultry, cheese and charcuterie, eggplant parmesan, stuffed bell peppers

Best at 18 °C


Mystic Pearl Wines exclusively capture 100% of each varietal from a distinguished vineyard, presenting purity and refined elegance. Just like pearls nestled within oysters, vines find their haven in the embrace of the earth. This wine collection is a tribute to the rare and precious gems gifted by the nature and nurtured by our winemaking expertise. We share our dream and the best of the Pacific Northwest region in every bottle.

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