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The Old Tun Original Cider 4 Pack, NV

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NV Niagara Peninsula 500 mL, 7% ALC/VOL

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Selected blend of Ontario apple juice fermented with a small addition of wildflower honey and aged on lees for a year before bottling. A small dose of buckwheat honey yields the sugar for a natural secondary fermentation in bottle. Extra dry with medium body and rich texture, flavours of honey, apple, citrus and spice.

This product contains a light sediment from the aging process.

Residual Sugar: 3 g/L

About The Old Tun

A small, virtual beverage company based in the heart of the Niagara's vineyards and orchards, The Old Tun was founded out of the desire to create a broad range of interesting, small batch products with unique profiles. With experience in the wine, cider, and beer industry, The Old Tun aims to deliver an ever-evolving line of intriguing, delicious, and distinct products from the bounty of our backyard.

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