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Riesling, 2020

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2020 Lake Erie North Shore 750 mL, 10.8% ALC/VOL

VQA Lake Erie North Shore

The 2020 growing season in the Lake Erie North Shore growing region was remarkable. After a cold early May the entire growing season was hot and dry, extending into September and October. The dryness allowed for an even maturation and an early harvest, giving lower yields and good fruit concentration. Grape quality was exceptional.

The intense aroma of this wine brings you to your local fruit stand. Fresh cut apple and pear, ripe summer lemons with hints of jasmine flower and boxwood.

The palate is characterized by sweet ripe fruit balanced by refreshing acidity. It finishes with a soft and silky mouthfeel. The 2020 CHV Riesling is the perfect pairing for summer lunches and dinners. Enjoy it indoors or out with the fresh flavours of locally grown Ontario vegetables and fresh caught fish.

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