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Red Clay (Six-Pack)

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Ontario 750 mL

Tart & Juicy — Red Wine Alternative

Juicy, yet captivatingly complex. Tart, tannic, and medium-bodied, with a warm lingering finish.

Core Components:

Fruit: Pinot Noir, cherry, blackberry
Acid: Cranberry
Spice: Hops, burdock, ginger
Body: Black tea, elderberry

Enjoy With: Charcuterie, roast duck, wild mushrooms, medium-rare burgers, and a decked out harvest table.

Serve at: 10-13°C

Serving: 5 fl oz (150mL) | 30 Calories | Sugars 6g ABV <0.5%

Shelf Life: Proxies have a 12 month shelf life.

Fridge Life: Once opened, Proxies will keep resealed in the fridge for 7 days.

About Proxies

Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative. We created Proxies for when you want something to drink but you’re not drinking. By blending wine grapes, fruits, teas, spices, and complex ferments, Proxies go way beyond the grape to capture everything that makes wine a great pairing with food—acidity, body, and tannin—without the alcohol. 

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