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Limestone Ridge Riesling, 2020

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2020 Niagara Peninsula 750 mL, 10% ALC/VOL

A lively, off-dry wine from a cooler year gives our Riesling a bright acidity and beautiful orchard fruit on the nose. The aromas of crunchy green apple and lime zest tickle the nose, without betraying the juicy tangerine, ripe pear and lemon twist on the palate. The limestone soils lend sumptuous weight and supple mouth feel while leaving your mouth watering.

THE PAIRINGS: This fantastic Riesling pairs with all things spicy and fragrant, from Pad Thai to spicy Indian dishes. A personal favourite would definitely be deep-fried meals, using the brightness of the wine to cut cleanly through the richness of the food. Or, this wine pairs perfectly with itself and hot, sunny, carefree days.

THE CELLARING: Drink now to 2024 or longer

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