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Kerner Reserve, 2021

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2021 Niagara Peninsula 750 mL, 13.5% ALC/VOL


This dry style shows fresh citrus fruit on the palate and on the bouquet. The acidity is balance and crisp with hints of orange peel and lime coming through the finish. Pair with sushi, oysters on the half shell or shrimp cocktail. Also great with Japanese, Thai or Chinese takeway.

Plants came out of dormancy early in spring, leading to vines getting a jump start on the season. There was an optimism in late August that the crop would match, if not exceed, that of the previous year. But a warm and wet September caused a delay in grapes maturing and shortened
an already challenging harvest.

This rare varietal is only grown in a handful of vineyards in Ontario and is also known as Trollinger x Riesling. It is a unique variety that is one of the first white grapes harvested. The key with this variety is to never over-ripen the fruit. The acids in this grape are delicate and will drop dramatically once the fruit is ripe so harvest date is key

Technical Notes:

  • Residual Sugar: 5 g/L
  • Brix at Harvest: 22.6
  • Total Acidity: 6.9 g/L
  • Aging in Oak: None
  • Release Date: December 2022
  • Ageability: 4 to 6 years
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