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Small Lots Barbera, 2018

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2018 Okanagan Valley 750 mL, 12.2% ALC/VOL


Deep ruby red colour with a wonderful bouquet of ripe blue plum and red cherry fruit accented by leather, earth and oak. This medium-bodied wine has smooth, velvety tannins and classic, bright, food-friendly acidity. Juicy, fruit-forward flavours of red currant, berry and cherry fill the mouth. Red cherry and plum with a hint of leather, spice and oak linger beautifully on the clean, dry finish.

A great wine for casual sipping or enjoy with mushroom or meat sauce based lasagna; meat or cheese stuffed ravioli; pappardelle with rabbit or lamb; cheesy eggplant parmesan; red sauce pasta dishes with sausage or meatballs or mushrooms, along with grated Parmigiano Reggiano; veal parmesan; Pecorino, Grana Padano cheeses and cured meat platter; gourmet pizza topped with roasted tomato, mozzarella, basil, grilled eggplant and roasted red pepper. Serve at a cool room temperature of 16 to 17°C.

A cool, wet spring gave way to a late start to the growing season, which led directly into a hot summer with a record breaking dry spell. This accelerated the ripening, bringing the fruit back on track. September brought cooler weather, slowing the ripening and allowing a good window for picking. This resulted in wines that are more balanced with lower alcohols and higher natural acidity. Overall, the 2017 vintage was lower in heat units than 2016 but still higher than average

“A more moderate growing season in 2017 provided an extended period for the Barbera to reach its full expression, developing a lot of flavour while maintaining the natural acidity giving a nice overall balance to the wine. The Barbera planting is at the base of the cliff at the southern tip of our estate vineyard. The accumulated heat offered by the cliff, results in fully ripe grapes with moderate acidity. Careful attention by our vineyard manager to limit yields to a single bunch per shoot, brings full, ripe flavours and smooth, velvety tannins. This vineyard captures the true expression of Barbera.” - Sandy Leier, Winemaker

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This was a featured wine in October's Wine Club package, 2020.


Geographical Indication: BC VQA Okanagan Valley
Vineyard: Sandhill Estate Vineyard
Residual Sugar: 0.3 g/L
Cases Produced: 325


Appearance: Bright. Semi-opaque. Light brick red core.
Nose: Black pepper, violets, black cherry, plum, herbal note.
Palate: Medium acid, medium tannin, medium body. Black pepper, plum, dark cherry, hint of licorice. Earthy, green vegetal note. Well-balanced with a smooth finish.
Quality: 90 points. Outstanding. Drink now.


Food Pairing: Roasted parmesan kohlrabi, black eyed peas with ham and collard greens, spiced orange marmalade flank steak, turkey stuffing with sage, and duck confit salad with radishes and endives.