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Orange Wine, 2021

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2021 Ontario 750 mL, 11% ALC/VOL
Frontenac Blanc

This is the Roost’s second orange wine, a white wine that is partly fermented on its skins and stems for funky, off-beat flavours and an orange hue. Unfiltered, wild yeast, and almost no sulphites. The 2021 vintage is was bottled earlier so is clearer and crisper than in 2020, making it just as fun but perhaps more approachable.

Made with Frontenac Blanc from our vineyards on the Niagara Escarpement. Expect a hazy orange hue with bruised fruit, clove, thyme, mushroom, honey, musk, caramel, almond, quince, and an umami finish that keeps you coming back for more — even when you don’t know why.

Like an interesting dinner guest, this delightfully complex wine is impertinent and charming at the same time.

We like to serve it at cellar temperature (not cold), and once you’ve opened it you’re committed —there are no active sulphites so it can’t be stored until the next day.

Like all the small batch series, this was hand-bottled in such small quantities that we hand-write every label.

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