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Blasted Church

  • The Free Wine Shipping Series is Back

    Last summer, we ran a Free Wine Shipping Flash Series where every week a different winery from across Canada provided free shipping on any orders of 6 bottles or more. It was so well received that we're doing it again…and continuing it right through to December!

    Every Monday, check our homepage banner to see which producer is featured. Then you've got one week to buy your favourite products from that winery or distillery (mixed packs are always encouraged) and get free shipping. By midnight on Sunday, the deal will be gone.

    When you sign up for our newsletter, you will always get a hint the week before about which producer will be the next featured free shipper (you can sign up at the bottom of any page on this site). A word of wisdom, when your favourite producers are featured take advantage of the free shipping deal and stock up because once a producer's week is up, you won't see them come around again. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Chardonnay For The Holidays

    When it comes to wine for the holidays, I like to mix it up with the best of ‘em – from Gamay to Gewürztraminer, there are plenty of fun festive pairings to go with your big turkey dinner (or whatever it is you scarf down at your big holiday meal). In fact, Michelle Bouffard picked a great selection of wines for all your winter gatherings last week.

    But I never like to overlook a grape variety that, in the effort to get creative, is sometimes forgotten for festive feasts – Chardonnay. Whether you prefer a crisp, unoaked Chard or something with a bit more richness and complexity, Chardonnay’s many styles can complement a wide variety of meals – including your holiday dinner.  Here are some of my favourites. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Blasted Church Vineyards

    One of the first things that catch your eye about Blasted Church Vineyards is what catches your eye on any wine bottle — the label.

    But there’s plenty more to Blasted Church than the proverbial pretty face — in fact, the stuff in the bottle is arguably even better than the lovely labels adorning their wines. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Blasted Church Vineyards

    What’s in a name? Well, if you’re Okanagan Falls winery Blasted Church Vineyards, it’s 80+ years of area history.

    In 1929, a crew was sent to dismantle an old church at a nearby abandoned mine; a small amount of dynamite was used to loosen nails on the building, which (amazingly) survived mostly intact. The 120-year-old church now looks out over the vineyards of Blasted Church, which was established in 2002 by ex-Vancouverites Evelyn and Chris Campbell. Continue reading

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