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Whether it’s breaking news, savvy opinions or random musings, there are plenty of colourful folks in the world of Canadian wine who keep Twitter vibrant with their take on things. Here’s a handful of the folks you should be following.


The co-owner and founding winemaker of British Columbia’s Tinhorn Creek Vineyards is quite prolific with her Tweets, sharing thoughts on everything from what’s going on in the vineyard to commentary on industry politics. She’s been excellent in engaging followers and making wine country feel a little bit closer to us city dwellers.


How’s this for a job title? Based in Ottawa, Janet Dorozynski is the Global Practice Lead for Canadian Wine, Beer and Spirits at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Long story short, she’s the one choosing Canadian wine that gets served at embassies and official international functions. She has a slew of other credentials, including writing, teaching and judging wine, and is known on Twitter as a straight shooter who tells it like it is.


Anthony Gismondi is one of Canada’s most recognised wine critics, and uses Twitter to enthuse about wine, weigh in on politics and share his personal roller coaster ride as a fan of the Vancouver Canucks.


The wine columnist of The Montreal Gazette, Bill’s often tromping through vineyards around the world and having a blast while doing so.


The handle for Marquis Wine Cellars, one of Vancouver’s most beloved retail shops, is driven by John Clerides. John is one of the most outspoken critics of British Columbia’s notorious liquor laws and policy, plus one of the most widely travelled wine guys out there.


Atlantic Canada’s wine, beer and spirits writer Craig Pinhey shares thoughts and opinions on all of those things, often with a hearty splash of music recommendations and odes to the legendary Canadian rock band, Sloan.


A Calgary-based sommelier whose take on wine is unparalleled. Just try not to grin when you read his tasting notes, such as “1979 Haut Brion; potter's soil with rotting spearmint, pencils that someone else has freshly chewed, black licorice…”


Kurtis Kolt is a Vancouver-based wine consultant, writer, competition judge and enthusiast. He’s not half as fancy/boring as that sounds. He Tweets and Instagrams @KurtisKolt.

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