Cyber Monday Sale!

That's right, folks, we are jumping on the Cyber Monday bandwagon. Why? Because it seems like a fantastic opportunity to get some wicked discounts on wine before the holidays sneak up on us.  Here are the deals we're running...

Buy wine from any of the below 14 wineries on our site at and you will receive $13 off your order when you spend $100 or more on wine from the same winery. Spend $200 or more on wine from the same winery, and you will receive a whopping $30 off your order. In most cases, that's the shipping cost taken care of and then some!  And the best thing is that these discounts will automatically apply to your order, no coupon codes needed. Just fill your shopping cart with your favourite wine from these participating wineries and check out - you'll see the discounts automatically get applied based on your order amount.

And now for the 14 Cyber Week Wineries! We're thrilled to have both Ontario wineries and BC wineries participating - you'll see that some are new wineries to the site, while others are old friends. Rest assured that all of them produce excellent wine.

In alphabetical order, the participating wineries are below. Click on their link to view their wines and order directly from their profile page! To get you started, I've picked one of my favourite wines from each winery...

a)  13th Street Winery - Niagara, ON

2011 Cabernet Merlot

2011 Cabernet Merlot: I opened this wine for a friend's BBQ last year, and it was gone before the steaks hit  the grill! It's super easy drinking with lovely dark fruit, hints of chocolate, pepper, and a savoury  finish. A fantastic red for under $20! ($19.95)

b)  Black Widow Winery - Okanagan Valley, BC

2014 Oasis

2014 Oasis: Winner of the Gold medal at the 2015 National Wine Awards, this white blend is made with Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Schonburger grapes. The result? An incredibly aromatic and fruity wine backed with spice and zingy acidity. ($22)

c)  C.C. Jentsch Cellars - Okanagan Valley, BC

2013 Syrah

2013 Syrah: Judged by Steven Spurrier (Decanter magazine's editor and chair of the Decanter World Wine Awards) to be the best Syrah from a blind selection of Syrah from Australia, France, California, Washington, and BC, proprietor Chris Jentsch is excelling with this grape.   This wine has won more accolades than you could imagine this year, and they are very well-earned, so get your hands on it before it sells out! ($29.90)

d)  Casa Dea Estates - Prince Edward County, ON

2011 Chardonnay

2011 Chardonnay: A super steal at under $16, this Chardonnay has citrus notes, green apple, pear, and a touch of hazelnut. The gorgeous minerality from the PEC terroir comes through as well. Pair this with roasted chicken, turkey, or pork! ($15.95)

e)  Lang Vineyards - Okanagan Valley, BC

2014 Farm Reserve Riesling

2014 Farm Reserve Riesling: Lang Vineyards have really perfected their Alsation style Riesling, this vintage is excellent. On the nose, there's fresh peach, apricot and other stone fruit along with citrus and green apple with a touch of honey, all leading to a crisp finish. ($21)

f)  Niche Wine Company - Okanagan Valley, BC

2014 Rosé

2014 Rosé: Made with Pinot Noir grapes, this rosé conjures up memories of summer with its fresh strawberry, rhubarb, and spice flavours. It's also the perfect fall wine as it pairs with roasted turkey and chicken dinners, especially when there's cranberry sauce at hand. A great value wine, bring a little Okanagan sunshine to your door by trying out this gem! ($16.57)

g)  Orofino Winery - Similkameen Valley, BC

2013 Scout Vineyard Riesling

2013 Scout Vineyard Riesling: While they make excellent, award-winning red wines too, it's really hard not to choose one of Orofino's Rieslings as my favourite. The 2013 Scout Vineyard Riesling is a perfect example - a touch off dry with tropical notes, juicy apple, and a hint of honey, it's a gorgeous sipper but also pairs brilliantly with almost any food! ($22)

h)  Pearl Morissette Estate Winery - Niagara, ON

2013 Cuvée Métis

2013 Cuvée Métis: Half Pinot Noir, half Cabernet Franc, entirely beautiful. Made with all of the care and expertise that goes along with all Francois Morissette's wine, this blend presents a medley of cherry, raspberry, blackberry and other dark fruits. It's beautifully balanced with finishing notes of baking spice and pepper. Pair this with pizza, tomato-based pastas, and grilled meats. ($27.20)

i)  Riverview Cellars Estate Winery - Niagara, ON

2013 Baco Noir

2013 Baco Noir: This grape thrives in the Niagara region and producers like Riverview Cellars know exactly how to turn it into a fine wine. You'll get flavours of dark cherry, blackberry, plum, and strawberry as well as notes of spice and smoke that are characteristic of Baco Noir. The perfect partner for charcuterie plates, smoked meat sandwiches, and sausages. ($16.15)

j)  Sperling Vineyards - Okanagan Valley, BC

2009 Sparkling Brut

2009 Sparkling Brut: Made from Pinot Blanc grapes located in a unique block of 25-year old vines, this Sparkling Brut soars on the palate. Rich, toasty, with 3 years spent on the lees, this award-winning bubble is perfect for every celebratory occasion. ($39.95)

k)  Terravista Vineyards - Okanagan Valley, BC

2013 Fandango

2013 Fandango: Made with precision and skill by industry experts Bob and Senka Tennant, this wine is the first Albariño and Verdejo blend in Canada. Typically both Spanish white grapes, the Tennants have mastered the cultivation of the grapes and have managed to preserve the floral and fruit notes (think peach, pear, and melon) while also retaining the wonderful acidity that goes along with them. This wine will wow any connoisseur, try it out today! ($24.90)

l)  Thornhaven Estates - Okanagan Valley, BC

2011 Merlot

2011 Merlot: Thornhaven first made it's mark with it's gorgeous Gewürztraminers and aromatic whites, but it's quickly gotten on the map for it's reds. The arid heat from this Summerland winery's locale helps to bring out the bold richness of the flavours.  Earthy with red fruit flavours and a dry, smokey and savoury finish, this wine is delectable in just about every setting and at $20/bottle, it's a steal!  ($20)

m)  Traynor Family Vineyard - Prince Edward County, ON

2014 Sauvignon Blanc

2014 Sauvignon Blanc: A bit of a dark horse varietal in the Chardonnay-Pinot Noir landscape of Prince Edward County, this Sauvignon Blanc is a more elegant, rounder expression than some of the gooseberry-filled bombs from New Zealand. You'll get more lemon, guava and baking spice from this version which makes it a perfect pre-dinner sipper. ($24.95)

* DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS if you are an Ontario resident bc Traynor Family Vineyard is also offering you FREE SHIPPING on 6 bottles or more. Use coupon code TRAYNOR at check out!

n)  Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery - Okanagan Valley, BC

2014 Autumn Gold

2014 Autumn Gold: As the alphabet would have it, we have saved an old favourite for last! On a tip from some friends in Vancouver in 2005, I made my way to this small winery to try their Autumn Gold, and it blew my mind. Ten years and a much larger winery later, this wine still blows my mind. Expertly made with Gewürztraminer, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc, the best aromas of each of those varietals sail out of the glass. Citrus, apple, peach, tropical fruits and floral notes all come together in a gorgeous balance. At under $20/bottle, please do yourself a favour and buy this wine. You'll become a long time fan too! ($19)

Now get shopping and take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale! It ends at midnight tonight.

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