The Friday Files: News & Notes from Canada’s Wine Scene

Not content to sit back and take it for granted, professors at Okanagan College study what makes Okanagan wine tourism a success, and what it takes to keep folks coming back.

Up the mountain at Whistler’s Pique Newsmagazine, Anthony Gismondi dissects the triumph of WineAlign’s top 10 Canadian wineries.

Never afraid to shake the tree, The Montreal Gazette’s Bill Zacharkiw expresses frustration with Ontario’s VQA program.

At Vancouver Island’s EAT Magazine, My Wine Canada guest contributor Treve Ring gives the Okanagan Valley the What I Did On My Summer Vacation treatment.

We’re getting geared up for Vancouver Magazine’s 11th Annual International Wine Competition; locals have until September 5th to enter their wines. Chief judge DJ Kearney and the crew are looking forward to evaluating some stellar splashes!

Cool Hunting profiles Kelowna, shining a spotlight on wineries whose wares you can pick up right here at My Wine Canada, including Tantalus and CedarCreek!

Palate Press gives a great synopsis of Ontario wine country, making things easily graspable to those looking that way for the first time.

This Saturday it’s time for Diamond Estate’s Diamonds in the Rough music festival!

Of course, if you find yourself in the Gaspereau Valley, you can Swing Under The Stars at Luckett Vineyards.

Finally, look up. Look waaaay up. It appears Iqaluit is moving a tad closer to having beer and wine being available on a retail basis.


Kurtis Kolt is a Vancouver-based wine consultant, writer, competition judge and enthusiast. He’s not half as fancy/boring as that sounds. He Tweets and Instagrams @KurtisKolt.

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