Happy New Year!

As 2015 winds down, we're reminded of the great things that happened this year at My Wine Canada.  It seems to be a bit of a tradition with us to take a moment and reflect on the year passed, and to look forward to fantastic adventures in the year ahead.

This year, we increased our winery partnerships by 100% and have almost 80 winery partners on the site, and counting.  Every week, we're thrilled to share the unique stories about our Canadian partners and their fantastic wines with you.

We also have the best customers ever - customers who love Canadian wine, who recognize that some of the best wine in the world is being made here at home, and who want to buy locally.  We've appreciated your support and loyalty over the year, and we hope you have enjoyed trying new wines, as well as old favourites, as much as we've enjoyed sharing them with you.

We've been able to run some fantastic promotions that benefit consumers across the country, like the Free Shipping special that ends tonight! - and we've got lots more in store for next year.  To our winery partners and customers, we say an enormous            THANK YOU!

For 2016, our wish for My Wine Canada is the same wish we have for everyone across the country…  A year full of good luck, soaring spirits, epic kindness, and prosperity.  Quite simply, a year full of wishes come true ;-)

Happy New Year!

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