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Harper's Trail

  • Top Wine Picks! Chardonnay For The Holidays

    When it comes to wine for the holidays, I like to mix it up with the best of ‘em – from Gamay to Gewürztraminer, there are plenty of fun festive pairings to go with your big turkey dinner (or whatever it is you scarf down at your big holiday meal). In fact, Michelle Bouffard picked a great selection of wines for all your winter gatherings last week.

    But I never like to overlook a grape variety that, in the effort to get creative, is sometimes forgotten for festive feasts – Chardonnay. Whether you prefer a crisp, unoaked Chard or something with a bit more richness and complexity, Chardonnay’s many styles can complement a wide variety of meals – including your holiday dinner.  Here are some of my favourites. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Wine and Caesar Salad

    Whether you’re at a greasy spoon or a white-tablecloth eatery on this continent, you’re almost certain to find Caesar salad on the menu. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! A Franc Discussion

    For years, Cabernet Sauvignon has been the Cabernet family's trendiest grape, thanks to the fad of intense and full throttle wine coming out of Napa and its trickle-down through the industry. It seems that these days, the collective palate is veering towards the lighter, earthier, and subtler characters that can be found in Cabernet Franc. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Canada Day BBQ Whites

    Canada Day is probably the day of the year most synonymous with afternoon BBQs—what better way to celebrate than with wine from a Canadian family winery? These wines will work in any BBQ situation: they're all good value, easy drinkers with big flavours that will stand up to smoke. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Harper's Trail

    After living in Ontario for nearly three years, I'm beginning to feel like I'm lagging behind on new ventures in the B.C. wine industry. That's why I was thankful to taste the latest lineup from Harper's Trail, a new winery pioneering a new region. Suitably, Ed and Vicki Collett named their winery after the cattle drive trail of the area's pioneer rancher, Thaddeus Harper. Continue reading

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