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Writing on Canadian Wine by the MWC team Kurtis Kolt (BC), Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson (MB) Jake Skakun (ON), Michelle Bouffard (QB) and various national guest contributors.

Kurtis Kolt

  • Pair It Up! Chicken Soup for the Cold

    Let’s face it, plenty of us are likely to get a cold or two this winter and a little chicken soup will be in order. In fact, I was thinking that the healing power of chicken soup was more of a placebo effect, but according to the New York Times, it can indeed reduce congestion, help you stay hydrated and have other positive benefits. Of course, for many of us, we’re not going to let a little cold get in the way of enjoying a glass or two of wine, right? Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Moraine Estate Winery

    I first met Moraine Winery winemaker Jacqueline Kemp in the spring of 2010 when I moved to Naramata for a short-term stay over the summer, so I could observe the day-to-day life of a vintage close up. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Grilled Cheese, Please!

    When I profiled i am a food blog in last week’s post, every time I went to the site for reference, the big photo and recipe up front was a Roasted Pumpkin and Sage Grilled Cheese Sandwich - and I’ve been thinking of grilled cheese sandwiches ever since.  Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! The Awesomeness of ‘I Am A Food Blog’

    I was actually doing some online banking recently when I started to think about what to make for dinner. I popped over to Stephanie Le’s i am a food blog and, yet again, got wonderfully lost poking around her stories, recipes and (incredible, incredible) photos for over a half hour. As a warning, if you haven’t been to her website, the same thing will most likely happen to you. Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Craft Beer for Wine Fans

    Anyone in the wine trade will tell you, there’s nothing better after a long session of wine tasting than a delicious, refreshing beer. Almost spa-like, it rejuvenates the palate wonderfully and, when necessary, allows you to keep the good times rolling. There are obvious differences and contrasts between wine and beer, but this post isn’t about the technical elements. Continue reading

  • Free Wine Shipping Series

    Do you want free wine shipping every week for the summer? Do you want expert-vetted, can't-find-it-in-liquor-stores wine to magically appear at your cottage while you're lounging on the dock? We hear you!

    For July, August, and September, we'll provide FREE SHIPPING on 6 bottles or more from a different Canadian winery each week. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! - New Autumn Releases

    Things are cooling down, the leaves are changing colour, and wineries are releasing new wines that are perfect for the season. From a bunch of new releases I’ve tasted through so far, here are a trio I’m crushin’ on pretty hard - all three available right here at My Wine Canada! Continue reading

  • The Friday Files: News & Notes From Canada's Wine Scene

    What do you know about Tannat? This grape from the Southwest of France makes big, tannic reds that can offer good value. Bill Zacharkiw from La Gazette tells us more about it. Timely for the fall season that is just upon us. Continue reading

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