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Writing on Canadian Wine by the MWC team Kurtis Kolt (BC), Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson (MB) Jake Skakun (ON), Michelle Bouffard (QB) and various national guest contributors.


  • Wine 101: Craft Beer for Wine Fans

    Anyone in the wine trade will tell you, there’s nothing better after a long session of wine tasting than a delicious, refreshing beer. Almost spa-like, it rejuvenates the palate wonderfully and, when necessary, allows you to keep the good times rolling. There are obvious differences and contrasts between wine and beer, but this post isn’t about the technical elements. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Flat Rock Cellars

    Over the last fifteen years, Flat Rock Cellars has been carving out a reputation on the Jordan Bench, primarily with the grapes Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. They've also managed to keep things interesting by releasing new bottlings based on blends or specific blocks from their 80-acre vineyard. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Blasted Church Vineyards

    One of the first things that catch your eye about Blasted Church Vineyards is what catches your eye on any wine bottle — the label.

    But there’s plenty more to Blasted Church than the proverbial pretty face — in fact, the stuff in the bottle is arguably even better than the lovely labels adorning their wines. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Bench 1775 Winery

    Formerly known as Soaring Eagle Estate Winery, Bench 1775 is now quite simply named after their gorgeous address on Naramata Road. When your spot and your view are as killer as Bench 1775’s, there’s not much need to gussy things up with a fancy or serious or profound name. Continue reading

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