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  • Give Mom A Wine Club Membership, Get $10 Off

    To celebrate Mother's Day, we sent the April wine club shipment to two Moms and asked them to describe their unboxing experiences. Check out what supermoms Jennifer and Amanda had to say about the gift experience from receiving wine to their doorstep to enjoying it with friends.

    And to make things even better, we've taken the perfect Mother's Day gift - and given you a discount on it! Our premium 2-bottle wine club package and 3-bottle wine club package are now on special. When you hear which popular BC winery will be featured in May, you'll know Mom will love it. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Stag's Hollow Winery

    It was in 2003 when I managed a now-shuttered, sorely-missed restaurant on Vancouver’s East Side called Aurora Bistro. Chef and owner Jeff Van Geest had recently hung up his sous-chef apron at Kitsilano’s long-acclaimed Bishop’s restaurant to open the place, wholly-focused on local produce, seafood, meat, the whole nine yards. The mandate I was tasked with at the restaurant, was to run a wine program consisting solely of British Columbian wine. Now, that was a rarity; in fact, we were the first place in Vancouver to do such a thing. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Canadian Cuisine

    I recently attended a wine dinner at Actinolite in Toronto where chef Justin Cournoyer's brand of local, Ontario cuisine was paired up with wines from the great naturalist Trentino producer Elisabetta Foradori. The wines were stunning and the food was creative and delicious (see: candied reindeer lichen with juniper cream), but it was the first time in a while that I was truly wowed by the wine pairings. One dish was a bright and zingy mound of shredded carrots with plums and verbena that was served on kefir, and it was accompanied by a glass of Manzoni Bianco—an obscure, rich grape with tons of bruised apple, lemon and mineral notes. As if symbiotically, the wine and the dish propped one another up to a new level. The best analogy I can think of is when two singers hit the same note—a great wine pairing is harmonic. Continue reading

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