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  • My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Huff Estates

    We’re thrilled to announce that Huff Estates is our featured winery for June! Huff Estates opened in 2004 with only one goal in mind: to make high-quality wine. Lucky wine club members will be receiving a selection of Huff’s fantastic offerings this month, delivered right to your door. Our Wine Club also makes the perfect Father’s Day gift! Want in? Sign Dad up now! Continue reading

  • Get Free Shipping on these Top Wine Picks from Le Vieux Pin and La Stella Wineries

    Old World wineries and wine-producing regions have long influenced those growing grapes and making wine on this side of the pond and throughout the New World. Without the incredible winemaking history in Bordeaux, Rioja, Burgundy, Tuscany, the Rheingau and the like, what would our viticultural history look like? More importantly, how would the wines taste? La Stella and Le Vieux Pin are two B.C. wineries who continue to do a great job paying homage to long-cherished Old World regions with the juice that ends up in their bottles, albeit with a New World flair that harnesses their unique terroir and combines long-established and newer winemaking techniques. And they're both offering free shipping on 6 or more bottles this week only - mix and match to your heart's delight, perhaps it's three bottles from La Stella and three from LVP! Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: LaStella Winery

    Just yesterday, I had a chance to sit with Rasoul Salehi, managing partner and director of sales and marketing for British Columbian sister wineries Le Vieux Pin and LaStella. I’ve long been a fan of both, but I’ve found that I’ve gravitated to the French-inspired wines of Le Vieux Pin more often lately, inadvertently giving the Italian-inspired wines of LaStella the cold shoulder.

    When I asked him to refresh me on the philosophy behind LaStella Winery, he first talked to the whites. “We’re encouraged by the Northern Italian whites of Trentino-Alto Adige, wines that respected producers like Continue reading

  • Free Shipping From the McWatters Collection

    At last week’s Vancouver International Wine Festival, among the Italian, Spanish, American and other global wine offerings, 26 British Columbian wineries poured their latest releases. As I perused the aisles both day and night over the three consecutive days the International Festival Tasting room was in full swing, I couldn’t help but notice the proprietor of one of our newest partners, Time Estate Winery, standing at his table cheerily pouring samples, shaking hands and greeting people. In can be exhausting pouring at these events, this one in particular has you on your feet in that tasting room for over 18 hours over those three days. Nonetheless, the proprietor was enthusiastic to share the story of his wines coming from the South Okanagan’s Black Sage bench. After all, many would argue that he was the guy who put that part of our wine country on the map.  You see, this proprietor is no industry rookie. Nope, his name—Harry McWatters—is legend around these parts, for more than a few reasons. Continue reading

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