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Writing on Canadian Wine by the MWC team Kurtis Kolt (BC), Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson (MB) Jake Skakun (ON), Michelle Bouffard (QB) and various national guest contributors.


  • Pair It Up! Recipes from Ricardo

    One of the most popular television chefs in Quebec, Ricardo Larrivée, has been successful with his Ricardo magazine in Quebec, but it’s only recently that he’s launched an English version, and it’s fantastic! The magazine opens with a recipe index along with images to make it easy to navigate right to ‘em, if that’s what you’re Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! Summer Flings

    Light, quaffable, and dangerously easy to drink, these wines have everything necessary to be a summer fling. Beware though; you might fall harder than you thought possible - they could become long-standing favourites. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Rice Cakes and Riesling

    In the latest issue of Lucky Peach, David Chang divulges the recipe for one of the most famous dishes from the Momofuku empire: Momofuku Ssam Bar’s Spicy Pork Sausage & Rice Cakes. It's a classic dish in Korean cuisine, but David Chang has brought it to an audience that probably wouldn't have tried it before. Continue reading

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