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Stag's Hollow

  • Wine 101: Craft Beer for Wine Fans

    Anyone in the wine trade will tell you, there’s nothing better after a long session of wine tasting than a delicious, refreshing beer. Almost spa-like, it rejuvenates the palate wonderfully and, when necessary, allows you to keep the good times rolling. There are obvious differences and contrasts between wine and beer, but this post isn’t about the technical elements. Continue reading

  • Wine 101: On B.C. Pinot Noir

    We’re just around the corner from the third annual B.C. Pinot Noir Celebration, happening Saturday, August 22 in the Okanagan Valley. So what’s the scoop with the Celebration? In their own words… Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Stag's Hollow Winery

    In Canadian winery years, 20 years is a fairly long life. In that time many brands, labels and even grape varieties have come and gone.

    Well, for 20 years the family-owned winery that is Stag’s Hollow has been producing high-calibre wines at its Okanagan Falls facility. Owners Larry Gerelus and Linda Pruegger, Continue reading

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