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Summerhill Pyramid Winery

  • My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Summerhill Pyramid Winery

    Introducing our featured winery for the month of April: Summerhill Pyramid Winery! Since purchasing their Kelowna vineyard in 1986, the Cipes family has propelled Summerhill into an iconic, biodynamic Canadian winery that highlights the elegance of Okanagan winemaking. Subscribers to our Wine Club will receive a selection of Summerhill's astounding wines in their April package! Sounds great, right? Sign up today!

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  • Top Wine Picks for Valentine’s Day

    Nothing sets the mood for a romantic evening quite like a glass (or, heck, a bottle) of wine. And whether your special someone prefers whites, reds, rosés or bubblies, My Wine Canada has got you covered for Valentine’s Day — if you act fast.

    Here are some top picks for making an impression this Valentine’s Day — order now (like, NOW) and get these treats in time for the big day…

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  • Top Wine Picks! Summerhill Pyramid Winery

    Summerhill Pyramid Winery is an unforgettable stop on the Okanagan wine trail. If it wasn’t for the giant floating wine bottle tilting toward a giant glass, you might think you were stepping onto the grounds of a spiritual retreat with an especially stunning view of Okanagan Lake. Founder Stephen Cipes’ dedication to the environment carries through to his grape growing and winemaking philosophies, including a biodynamic certification for the winery's Kelowna vineyard. Summerhill’s commitment to producing only organic wine has spurred the winery’s long-term growers into converting to organic farming. Stephen Cipes is also at the helm of an initiative to transition the entire Okanagan Valley to organic farming. As a shipping special for Valentine’s Day, the winery is offering free shipping when you buy 6 or more bottles (you’re free to mix and match). Below are a few of my top wine picks from Summerhill.    Continue reading

  • Seasonal Wine Gifts That Sparkle

    As holiday gift-giving reaches fever pitch over the next couple weeks, why guess at your friends or family’s sizes to ensure that new sweater will fit, or wonder if they really need a new cutting board? Not only is a great bottle of wine always appreciated this time of year (or really, any time of year), but sometimes a fun bonus with gifting a stellar bottle is that your recipient just may be inclined to share it with you down the road! And, of course, who doesn’t love bubbles? Here are three top Canadian sparkling wines perfect for gift-giving (but you can always feel free to treat yourself to ‘em, as well)! And if you act fast, you can get Lang Vineyards' Sparkling Rosé with free shipping.

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  • Holiday Wine Cocktails

    Those holiday bells are just beginning to ring, and among an upswing in merriment and cheer, we’re finding ourselves increasingly likely to imbibe all things delicious. Yes, this often includes enjoyable pours from our favourite Canadian wineries, but when cocktails are in order, that doesn’t mean we necessarily have to cast aside our grape-oriented brethren.

    Wine can be a key component of many an excellent cocktail, so if you’re looking to do a little stirring or shaking this holiday season, here are a few favourites. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Wine and Salsa

    Back in July of last year, MWC scribe Michelle Bouffard wrote about her favourite wine and taco pairings. Well, it just so happens she and I were in California last week on a media trip to Napa and Sonoma. I stayed on for a couple of days in San Francisco before heading back to Napa (where I am now) for the Professional Wine Writer’s Symposium at the oh-so-picturesque Meadowood Napa Valley.

    Over the course of my two days in San Fran, I managed to put back just about as much Mexican/Mexi-inspired fare as one could possibly imagine – tacos, burritos, huarache, tamales... you name it. And in addition to the variety of shapes and sizes of the dishes as well as the contents of each of these delicious dishes, one of the other variants in each was the salsa. Continue reading

  • Valentine's Day Deals

    We've got lots to celebrate today! There's the big win for the Broncos in the Super Bowl last night. Plus today marks the start of Chinese Lunar New Year - Gong Hey Fat Choy and cheers to the Year of the Monkey! And in case we somehow forgot amidst the sea of heart-shaped commerce, Valentine's Day is this weekend. What better way is there to celebrate all these occasions than with wine deals? Here's what we've got for you, friends! Continue reading

  • Free Shipping! Summerhill Pyramid Winery

    For nearly 30 years the Cipes family have been at the forefront of the organic winemaking movement in the Okanagan Valley with Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Long before receiving organic certification in 2007, their Kelowna winery had been the hub of some of the area’s most forward-thinking grape-growing and winemaking, which has shown in their wines.

    There are aspects to Summerhill’s operations that one simply doesn’t find in any other B.C. winery. First and foremost, of course, is the winery’s pyramid, in which many of their wines are aged and where it’s said they benefit from the energy of the pyramid. It’s a quiet place where visitors (and they get many) are encouraged to disconnect from the wired world, take a moment and reflect – to connect with themselves in a way the hustle and bustle of the world sometimes doesn’t allow. Continue reading

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