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Thornhaven Estates

  • The Free Wine Shipping Series is Back

    Last summer, we ran a Free Wine Shipping Flash Series where every week a different winery from across Canada provided free shipping on any orders of 6 bottles or more. It was so well received that we're doing it again…and continuing it right through to December!

    Every Monday, check our homepage banner to see which producer is featured. Then you've got one week to buy your favourite products from that winery or distillery (mixed packs are always encouraged) and get free shipping. By midnight on Sunday, the deal will be gone.

    When you sign up for our newsletter, you will always get a hint the week before about which producer will be the next featured free shipper (you can sign up at the bottom of any page on this site). A word of wisdom, when your favourite producers are featured take advantage of the free shipping deal and stock up because once a producer's week is up, you won't see them come around again. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Thornhaven Wines With Pasta Recipes

    There's something about fall that gives me a serious craving for pasta. Hearty, savoury flavours; squashes, mushrooms, braises and ragus, all mixed in with perfectly cooked noodles. This week (and my pasta craving) coincides with My Wine Canada's free shipping offer on 12 or more bottles, or 50% off shipping on 6 bottles from Thornhaven Estates Winery, the Summerland winery with a stunning view above Okanagan Lake. Thornhaven's wines have been among my go-to Okanagan value picks for over a decade. This is a perfect time to dig up some pasta recipes and find a few great pairings to send right to your door. Continue reading

  • Pair It Up! Holiday Smorgasbord

    We all get inundated with pairings for classic dishes like ham and turkey every time a holiday rolls around and it starts to feel a little stale. That's why I liked Kurtis' post last week—he takes on the common party fare. I've been tasked with the final Pair It Up before the holidays and I also wanted to have a little fun with it. I've decided to lay out a smorgasbord of the kinds of dishes you're likely to encounter on dinner tables over the next few weeks and find a wine or two that should pair nicely. Continue reading

  • Cyber Monday Sale!

    That's right, folks, we are jumping on the Cyber Monday bandwagon. Why? Because it seems like a fantastic opportunity to get some wicked discounts on wine before the holidays sneak up on us.  Here are the deals we're running... Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! For Those Warm Fall Days

    We’re experiencing some oddly warm weather here in Manitoba. Yesterday, the temperature reached 13 degrees Celsius, just a couple degrees shy of our all-time record for this time of year. So with that in mind, I figured I’d highlight a few wines that are ideal for warmer weather in late fall... Continue reading

  • Pair it up! Pickerel

    Here in Manitoba, one-sixth of the province’s surface is covered by 100,000 freshwater lakes (I didn’t believe it either but it’s right there on the provincial government website.

    Not surprisingly, there’s an abundance of good eats that come from the water in this province – especially in the form of pickerel. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Thornhaven Estates

    Last week I was pluggin’ away at tasting notes for Thornhaven Estates wines that will be tucked in with bottles being sent to Canadian wine lovers from coast to coast as part of My Wine Canada’s Wine Club, and it was such a pleasure to revisit their wines. Continue reading

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