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Tidal Bay

  • Top Wine Picks! Annapolis Highland Vineyards

    Nova Scotia continues to be Canada’s hidden gem when it comes to wine. Producers in the Annapolis Valley and beyond are making reds, whites, rosés, bubblies, dessert wines and fruit-based bevvies that bring a unique sense of place.

    Among the province’s best producers is Annapolis Highland Vineyards. Using grapes that are both estate-grown and sourced from throughout the region, they’re creating some of Nova Scotia’s most compelling and food-friendly wines.

    See below for thoughts on their delicious wines and the food pairings that immediately popped to mind when enjoying a glass. (Sunny backyards, relaxation and enjoying with friends are also a must.)

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  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Benjamin Bridge

    A few weeks ago one of the most highly regarded and well known sommeliers of the US was visiting Montréal. He had his priorities straight: poutine, bagels, smoked salmon and get his hands on a bottle of sparkling wine from Benjamin Bridge. He had read about this producer who supposedly makes stunning sparkling from Nova Scotia. How can this be possible? I could see the skepticism in his eyes. A part of me understood. Another snowstorm (in April!) had just hit the city and Nova Scotia was further east. Wouldn’t it take until the summer for the snow banks to melt? How can vines grow successfully? Continue reading

  • The Friday Files: News & Notes From Canada’s Wine Scene

    While most wine lovers cringe at the thought of rosé being relegated to a seasonal drink, we're approaching the time of year where the masses drink the pink stuff en masse. In The Edmonton Journal, Gurvinder Bhatia shares his rosé picks, including the 2014 Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir blend from My Wine Canada member Tantalus Vineyards. Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Crash Course on Nova Scotia

    Last week was my first visit to Nova Scotia's stunning wine country, and while I didn't get a chance to tour the region properly, I did get enough of a taste to want to learn more. Because of Nova Scotia's seclusion and relatively tiny production, there isn't a glut of information out there, but here's enough to get us started. Continue reading

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