Top Wine Picks: Best $15 Reds

Sometimes you're able to take your time and browse through wine products, perhaps you have a very specific idea of what you're looking for. Maybe you're going to a dinner party and you know the host has a Spanish flair, so you're looking for a very special Tempranillo. On other occasions, you're tight on time and the wallet's looking thin, so you want the best red wine you can get for about $15. Well, my friend, we've saved you even more time by selecting our top red wine picks at that price point. You can rest easy knowing that these five reds have been pre-approved just for you and they're all available on our site.

1.  2012 Proprietor's Red from CedarCreek Estate - $14.95

Primarily made from Merlot grapes, this red from the Okanagan Valley is a blend of five varietals - Syrah, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. You'll get flavours of  dark cherry, strawberry, and jam in this incredibly well-balanced wine. Pair it with anything, seriously, from pasta dishes to BBQs this wine is wonderfully versatile.

2.  2011 Cabernet Shiraz from Dan Aykroyd Wines - $14.95

Also a blend, this wine hails from vineyards in Niagara, ON and is made with Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This is a rich blend with notes of black pepper, dark cherry, blackberry, chocolate, spice and a hint of smoke. It pairs beautifully with cured meats as well as with grilled red or game meats.

3.  2011 Gamay Noir from Mt. Boucherie - $15.50

The Okanagan's Mt. Boucherie makes a gorgeous expression of this single varietal. Gamays are a lighter red than Syrahs or Cabs, and pair best with similarly lighter fare. This wine has flavours of red cherry, strawberry, and cranberry. Pair this with grilled salmon, pizza, and Thanksgiving turkey for a delightful meal. And for best results, remember to chill this wine a bit before serving.

4.  2012 Baco Noir from Ridge Road Winery - $15.95

It sounds similar to Gamay Noir, but Baco Noir is a bolder, heavier-bodied wine that really stands up well to the rich flavours of grilled steaks and other BBQd meats. This is a flagship wine for Niagara's Ridge Road Winery and the grapes are harvested from 20-year old vines. You will taste black cherry, black currant, spice and earthy notes. Pair this wine with anything from your grill, preferably a charcoal grill - it will see your bet and raise you!

5.  2012 Red Palette from 13th Street Winery - $15.95

This Niagara wine celebrates a love of fine art (on display at the winery) and references the artful blending of grape varieties under Master Winemaker Jean Pierre Colas. In 2012, Gamay Noir, Merlot, and Pinot Noir were chosen to create a fruit forward medium-bodied wine that finishes nicely with a hint of licorice. Highly quaffable now, enjoy it with a variety of simple bistro foods including thin crust pizza, fresh cheeses, and charcuterie plates.


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