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Hearty congratulations and applause are in order for Marcus Ansems, the winemaker and co-owner of My Wine Canada partner winery Daydreamer Wines of Naramata, B.C., on officially receiving his Master of Wine designation!


The Masters of Wine Examination consists of 3 stages, including Theory and Practical exams, and culminates in the submission of a final Research Paper (previously a Dissertation), an in-depth study on a wine-related topic from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences.

Followed by a brief bio on Ansems:

Marcus Ansems is an Australian born winemaker who fell in love with wine as a young boy helping with vintage in his native home. He graduated from Adelaide University with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology major) in 1997. He has worked over 30 vintages around the world making wine in Europe, South Africa, Australia and Canada. Marcus has many years of experience as a partner, general manager and chief winemaker at multiple wineries, and has also been directly involved in setting up six new winery/vineyard projects. He is now based in Canada, where he and his wife Rachel set up a small organic focused winery (Daydreamer Wines) in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

The MW designation is the highest academic achievement one can attain in the world of wine, and it’s no easy feat; there are only 340 of them in the world.

So, want to try some wines made by an MW? Well, you certainly should. Ansems makes some of the best wine in Canada. The judges at WineAlign’s recent National Wine Awards of Canada appear to agree, handing Daydreamer Wines a couple gold medals and naming it one of the Top 25 Wineries in Canada!

Here’s what you need to grab before it’s all gone:

     1.    Marcus Ansems 2013 Shiraz

Bridging the savoury, meaty Old World flair of Syrah with the well-concentrated purity of fruit you get from New World Shiraz, Ansems’ steady hand guides this wine through white pepper, fresh-carved roast beef, mocha and herbal elements, hitting all the right notes in the process.

     2.    Daydreamer 2014 Rosé

Because we should be drinking pink throughout the year, and you’ll be glad to have a few bottles of this currant, raspberry and lilac-scented gem around come Thanksgiving. Needless to say, it’ll be perfect with turkey and all the fixin’s!

     3.    Daydreamer 2014 Pinot Gris

Can Pinot Gris sing? Yes, it sure can when it’s full of Bosc pear, Honeycrisp apple, Key lime and a few hazelnuts for added texture. Will pair with almost anything.

I’m thinking demand is going to go up by leaps and bounds for Ansems’ wines – so get clicking and buy these bottles while you still can. As an added bonus, Daydreamer is giving you free shipping all week long when you order a minimum of six bottles (and you can mix ‘em up, too)! Use coupon code FREE15 when you check out.

Shiraz Marcus Ansems from Daydreamer WinesRose from Daydreamer WinesPinot Gris from Daydreamer Wines

Kurtis Kolt is a Vancouver-based wine consultant, writer, competition judge and enthusiast. Track him down at, or on Twitter and Instagram @KurtisKolt

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