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Writing on Canadian Wine by the MWC team Kurtis Kolt (BC), Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson (MB) Jake Skakun (ON), Michelle Bouffard (QB) and various national guest contributors.

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  • Wine 101: Cava

    As I sip on a glass of Cava in the beautiful bay of Sitges in Catalonia, Spain, I am reminded how bubbles make me feel special. Yes, this setting is pretty magical, but regardless of where I am and what the day has been like, bubbles ALWAYS put a smile on my face! Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Decanting Young Reds

    Face it – fall’s right around the corner! As the temps start to creep lower, my wine-drinking preferences shift from pink/white/bubbly wine, back to bigger, heartier reds to take the chill off.

    But if you find the rough, grippy tannins in some young reds to be a bit overpowering – especially if it’s a mid-range Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Busting Myths, Part 2

    In continuation of my article ‘Busting Myths’ Part 1, I share more quick wine facts. Things you always wanted to know but you were too shy to ask..unless you happened to be seated beside a wine geek at a social gathering.

    5) White before Red

    Whites should always be served before reds, right? Continue reading

  • Pair it up! Pickerel

    Here in Manitoba, one-sixth of the province’s surface is covered by 100,000 freshwater lakes (I didn’t believe it either but it’s right there on the provincial government website.

    Not surprisingly, there’s an abundance of good eats that come from the water in this province – especially in the form of pickerel. Continue reading

  • Wine 101 - Biodynamic Basics

    Ten years ago, it was difficult to mention biodynamics without getting strange looks or being lured into some lengthy debate. Meanwhile, many of the world's best wineries, like French Burgundian houses Leroy, DRC, and Leflaive quietly farmed their grapes according to biodynamic principles—it was easy for critics to drink and enjoy these wines unknowingly. Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Busting Myths, Part 1

    Being a ‘wine expert’ at social gatherings can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. If you find yourself in a crowd where you barely know anyone, it can be a helpful tool. The moment people ask you what you do for a living and ‘wine’ is the answer, the questions start Continue reading

  • Wine 101: On B.C. Pinot Noir

    We’re just around the corner from the third annual B.C. Pinot Noir Celebration, happening Saturday, August 22 in the Okanagan Valley. So what’s the scoop with the Celebration? In their own words… Continue reading

  • Wine 101: What Makes a Wine Summery?

    I asked myself this question a few days ago after showing up at a friend’s apartment for a BBQ and was handed a glass of wine. The wine was a Portuguese blend, full-bodied enough that it had already begun to stain the lips of other guests at the party. Continue reading

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