My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Southbrook Vineyards

Get excited for our February featured winery, Southbrook Vineyards! Southbrook is a well-known and innovative winery located in Niagara, Ontario. The Southbrook package is both a PERFECT gift for your Valentine and a delightful treat for yourself! Southbrook Vineyards is a shining example of outstanding winemaking. These particular wines are exclusive to Wine Club members and cannot be found in local liquor stores. Sign up for our Wine Club and we believe you and your Valentine will be falling in love with these delicious wines!

Southbrook Vineyards is a highly-acclaimed Niagara winery. For years, the Redelmeier family has sustained its 150-acre vineyard through highly organic practices. In fact, they were the first winery estate in Canada to earn biodynamic and organic certification. Currently, Southbrook produces some of the most natural, high-quality VQA wines available in Canada.

We enjoyed tasting Southbrook's collection of wines! Here are some of the highlights. With this in mind, look for our favourites and more in the February Wine Club package!

2017 Wild Ferment Chardonnay

Wild Ferment Chardonnay, 2017

This unique Chardonnay will put a spring in your step. Contains aromas of peach, melon and vanilla. The palate includes citrus, vanilla and toasty oak notes. Enjoy this Chardonnay with cream-based pasta, chicken with Suprême sauce, and Cornish hen with wild mushrooms.

2017 Laundry Vineyard Riesling

Laundry Vineyard Riesling, 2017

An off-dry palate and bright acidity help position this Southbrook vintage as a tremendous Niagara Riesling. Citrus, peach and limestone qualities grace the nose. In addition, notes of apple, honey, and hints of lemon zest fill the palate. Pairs perfectly with spicy Indian dishes, ceviche or grilled cod.

2017 Laundry Vineyard Gamay

Laundry Vineyard Gamay, 2017

Southbrook's shining ruby Gamay is perfect for the winter with its lively acidity and balanced tannins. This pleasing red features aromas of bright red fruit along with hints of cocoa. On the palate, you will detect dark cherry with traces of black pepper and cinnamon. Pairs well with a range of dishes like steak frites, calamari, or roasted duck with soy sauce.

2016 Laundry Vineyard Pinot Noir

Laundry Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2016

A sumptuous and alluring Pinot Noir gleaming with deep ruby colours. It is light- to medium-bodied with structured tannins. Ripe cherries, plum and earthy aromas work in harmony with lightly toasted oak flavours. This Pinot Noir is perfect for pairing with tomato-based pasta dishes, Peking duck, or salmon wellington.

These enticing Southbrook wines will leave you and your partner very happy this Valentine's Day and long after!

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