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3502 Fruitvale Way
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T1


Charisma Wines

Our wines are made and sold at Gold Hill Winery. Focused on artisanal winegrowing and winemaking, our Charisma wines are for experienced and new wine drinkers alike. Our wines are made with a strong emphasis on natural, local and handmade small batched harvested grapes. The flowers on the bottles represent the beauty in the nature, each flower is unique with a definite personality, like each wine produced.

Charisma draws from the diverse palette of the vineyards and the local wine growing regions that the Okanagan has to offer, to create approachable everyday drinking wines.

The wines are vibrant, fresh and contemporary in style, reflecting the terroir of the vineyards and playful winemaking. The expression of the wines is pure and readily accessible.

Find your Charisma, find your wine.

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