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Pink Elephant Sparkling Wine, 2016

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2016 Okanagan Valley 750 mL, 11% ALC/VOL

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Granny Smith apple cuvee with Cassis dosage - Kir Royale reborn Elephant Island-style. Lovely bright pink hues carry millions of tiny bubbles that dance across the tongue. Finished brut, currant + green apple notes levitate across the palate leaving a playful and lingering Cassis kiss on the finish. If you don't see the Pink Elephant, pour another!

Serve well chilled: 7 C. Sweetness BRUT

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  • 2015-06-26

    Wine expert and Sommelier Michelle Bouffard pairs this wine with fruit desserts on the MWC Wine Blog: "For the purist, a simple cup of fresh fruit is a dessert in itself [...] For a local... More


    Wine expert Treve Ring wrote about this wine on the MWC Wine Blog: "Plus, sparkling wines’ zippy acidity and refreshing bubbles suit a wide range of foods. Both a serious, structured sparkling... More


    Wine expert Jake Skakun wrote about this wine on the MWC Wine Blog: "The Little King and Pink Elephant both start from a base of Granny Smith apples that are made sparkling through the... More

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