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Baco Noir, 2015

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2015 Prince Edward County 750 mL ,13% ALC/VOL

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Baco Noir


You know what?

As someone who loves wine, everything about wine and has pretty much dedicated their entire adult life to wine, the one thing that drives me nuts are "the purists."  They are always on the lookout for those "unique" up and coming wines, celebrate terroir, but paradoxically want everything to taste the same, to be made the same way, from the same varieties.  Well, you know what?  Everyone likes to taste different things.  I just came back from the Finger Lakes and there are a lot of very successful wineries making wines I would not personally drink, but that doesn't make them wrong.

Rant over.

Baco Noir is a variety that I do not normally make anymore.  When I was a winemaker for other wineries, I made a lot of it for mass distribution, and I tell you what, people love Baco Noir and when the mood strikes me, I love it too.  It is Ontario's Shiraz.  If you're looking for big heady reds from Ontario, Baco is the wine for you. 

The reason I do not make a lot of Baco anymore is that I don't usually crave big heady red wines.  But the nice thing about being a winemaker at your very own small winery, is that when the mood strikes, you can change things up a bit. 

Even though it is unoaked, this is a big heavy red.  There is a ton of extraction and flavour here.  We just bottled it in October, and we bottled it directly off the lees.  Normally this would be a challenge for bottling (the yeast tends to clog filters), but we do not filter our wines.  Our wines are alive and constantly changing. 

Drink this with heavy meats, or conversely spicy foods.  I just had it with Lamb Biriyani and it was delicious.

- Mike Traynor, Winemaker

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