Return Policy

Product Returns

All product deliveries are shipped directly from the respective producer to the consumer’s provided address. My Wine Canada is not involved in the sale, packing, shipping, or delivery of any product.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the recipient's address is correct. If you have listed incorrect shipping details, you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges that may be incurred due to returns or re-shipments.

Upon delivery, if you wish to return any faulty product (broken bottles, corked product), it is incumbent upon you to immediately contact the producer that shipped the faulty product and adhere to their return policies. You may be required to retain the bottle of faulty liquid (recorked and at least 3/4 full) for examination by the producer.

By using the Website, you accept and acknowledge that you are subject to the return policies of each producer that you have ordered product from. For further details and information on deliveries, please refer to the Product Delivery page. Please note that there are no returns on international wines.

To easily contact the producers, please click here for a complete list of all producers on our site.


My Wine Canada’s participating producers process all orders made through our site. As such, we are unable to cancel, make changes, or apply a coupon code or gift certificate to an order once it has been confirmed by the underlying producer and entered the delivery process. If you need to cancel an UNconfirmed order, please contact us immediately to initiate this process.