About Us

We are proud fans of Canadian wine and spirits! With over 1,500 products listed in our popular online marketplace ranging from wine and whisky to cider and mead, we are the largest online beverage alcohol store in the country with something for every sipper. Established in 2013, we are the go-to site for wine and spirits recommendations, shopping, and delivery for Canadians from coast to coast. Find out how it works!

Jackie McLachlan Founder

An avid wine enthusiast and certified wine steward, Jackie is passionately supportive of the wineries and distilleries in this country and the families and communities who pour their hearts into every bottle that they produce.

At MyWineCanada.com, our customers find us once, and then keep coming back to order more because of our easy shopping process, quick and deliveries to addresses across the country, and outstanding 24-hour customer service.

You will find Jackie leading the Sales and Marketing efforts, steering internal operations, and tasting as many wines and spirits as she can get her hands on.


At My Wine Canada, we’re bridging the gap between wine/spirits producers and consumers with two specific goals: to provide producers with alternative and additional sales opportunities, and to provide consumers with direct access to our country's wonderful domestic libations. We acknowledge funding from the federal and provincial governments.

We encourage consumers to buy domestically - many international award-winning wines and spirits are produced in our own backyard!