About Us

Like most passion projects, My Wine Canada started as an idea that just wouldn’t go away.
After living in Vancouver for a decade, and becoming intimately acquainted with the wonderful wines from the Okanagan and surrounding areas, Jackie McLachlan moved to Toronto in 2009. As a new resident of Ontario, the dearth of BC wines in stores started the wheels turning, there had to be a way to provide consumers with better access to Canadian wine.

Jackie McLachlan Founder

An avid wine enthusiast and certified wine steward, Jackie is passionately supportive of the wineries in this country and the families and communities who pour their hearts into every bottle that they produce.

You will find Jackie leading the Sales and Marketing efforts, steering internal operations, and tasting as many wines as she can get her hands on.

Jackie likes Oolong tea, canoeing, horse noses, the volume at 11, Euchre, using Lego to make a point, ParticipACTION, and quoting movies from the ‘80’s... “Roads? Where we’re going, we don't need roads!”

My Wine Canada is built on the knowledge that Canadian wine is among the best in the world.

Fast forward to June 2012 and the passing of Bill C-311. This legislation allowed direct to consumer (DTC) inter-provincial shipping across Canada and provided the opportunity for the seedling of the idea to grow into reality. Together with a myriad of other partners and friends, and with the financial support of the Federal government's IRAP award, My Wine Canada came to fruition in 2014 as an online DTC marketplace.

We encourage Canadian consumers to buy nationally – many award-winning wines are produced in our own backyard!

At My Wine Canada, we’re bridging the gap between wineries and consumers in this country with two specific goals: to provide wineries with alternative and additional sales opportunities, and to provide consumers with greater access to our wonderful domestic wines.

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