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Winemaker's CUT only ships products within Canada.

3848 Hwy 97
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T1


Winemaker's CUT

Like a director's cut, an edited version of a film that represents the director's unique point of view, Winemaker's CUT is influenced by the winemaker and their unique styling/blending of an Okanagan wine.

The grapes that shape CUT wines are hand-harvested at Deadman Lake Vineyard just south of Oliver, BC. With utmost respect to nature, while honoring traditional winemaking methods, sustainable farming, and a zero pesticides policy with low sulphur use, CUT wines develop naturally and express characteristics indicative of this unique Okanagan vineyard.

It is in appreciation of art and harmony that classical music echoes in the vineyard and cellar where the winemaker captures an accumulation of moments and composes quality wines.

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11 Items

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