Types of Wine

Welcome to our library of grape varietials and wine types that are produced throughout Canada. Knowledge of specific wine types is important when selecting a wine, especially when pairing wine with food. The grape varietal can usually determine the flavours and attributes of the wine. We have created these profiles to educate Canadian wine lovers and help give them confidence the next time they are choosing a bottle.

We have included an extensive selection of wine-making varietals that are commonly found in Canada, all of which can produce outstanding Canadian wines. Click on the wine types below for an introduction to these common varietals. We will continue to build upon our library when new varietals are added to the site.

Navigate through the list of varietals and blends to discover their origins, characteristics and flavours. Find out which grapes are grown in specific regions of Canada and what the ideal growing conditions are. Learn about wine colour, aroma, taste, and winemaking style. We have even included suggested food pairings to help you on your journey. You will certainly see some familiar grape varietals, but also some that are unique to Canadian wine.

Explore our list of grape varieties and wine types to help determine which bottle is perfect for you!

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    Baco Noir

    Known for producing a dark, rich, and robust red more

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    Cabernet Franc

    One of Ontario’s most well known grape varietals, more

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    Cabernet Sauvignon

    One of the world’s most popular red wine grapes, more

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    This wine is the perfect food-pairing partner. Chardonnay more

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    This grape has a particularly notable feature — more

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    The Niagara Peninsula is well-known for this grape more

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    Delicious on the palate, but hard to spell, this more

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    This grape adds tropical fruit notes to varietal more

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    L'Acadie Blanc

    L’Acadie Blanc is a white wine grape with more

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    Often used in the making of red Bordeaux wine, Malbec more

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    Marechal Foch

    Used to produce a variety of styles of wine, Maréchal more

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    Meritage is a name for red and white Bordeaux-style more

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    Described as a first class red wine grape, Merlot more

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    Muscat is a one of the oldest and most well known more

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    This grape usually produces an off dry wine that more

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    Petit Verdot

    Known for its rich, dark fruit flavours, this wine more

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    Pinot Blanc

    Similar to Chardonnay, this wine can present an more

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    Pinot Gris

    A refreshing white wine that’s perfect for summer! more

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    Pinot Noir

    Canada has had great success in producing amazing more

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    This wine is often consumed young to get the most more

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    Sauvignon Blanc

    Unique, herbaceous flavour, this white wine is unlike more

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    Not familiar with this one? It’s worth a try! more

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    Pair this bold, rich wine with equally bold dishes. more

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    This wine is often used for the production of Icewine more

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    A white wine grape variety, Viognier’s origins more

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    This wine has deep, rich red colours that look stunning more