This grape adds tropical fruit notes to varietal wines. Although it is not widely known, Kerner can add amazing flavor to wine. It is an aromatic white wine grape that is large in size with a light-green skin colour. Its origins come from Germany where it was bred in 1929 by crossing Riesling and Trollinger. The grape is named after Justinus Kerner, a 19th century German poet who often wrote about wine. Kerner can now be found in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Japan and Canada.

Kerner often produces a transparent yellow to golden hued wine. The grape has a pronounced aroma of tropical fruits. The wine is medium to full bodied, it has firm structure and is often compared to its parent grape Riesling. Often aged because of its acidity, Kerner has an elegant and finessed finish. It’s often used to make varietal wines, which have rich flavours of apple, pear, citrus and stone fruit.

Kerner is one of the most popular hybrid grapes created in Germany, many growers find Kerner attractive because it’s not particularly fussy about growing conditions. In Canada, this grape can be found in British Columbia and throughout Ontario. Serve chilled for the best experience. Enjoy Kerner on it’s own or pair with white fish, grilled chicken or quiche.

In summary, Kerner has the following characteristics:

  • Aromatic white wine grape
  • Light green skin colour
  • Origins come from Germany
  • Cross between Riesling and Trollinger
  • Named after poet Justinus Kerner
  • Grown in Austria, Germany Switzerland, Italy, England, Japan and Canada
  • Transparent yellow to golden hue
  • Pronounced aroma of mixed white and tropical fruit
  • Medium to full bodied wine
  • Not fussy about growing conditions
  • Pair with white fish, grilled chicken or quiche

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