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Queenston Mile Vineyard only ships products within Canada.

963 Queenston Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0


Queenston Mile Vineyard

Crafting cool-climate Ontario wine from one-of-a-kind terroir.

Introducing Niagara-on-the-Lake’s best new winery – from a group of winemakers who are anything but new to wine.

It took nearly twenty years of growing grapes and making wine from this land to really pin down what makes it truly special. Not because we’re new at this, but precisely because you can’t rush a vine to mature, and you can’t hurry great wine. You don’t really know what you have with a newly planted vineyard for at least a decade, and anyone who tells you otherwise is telling tales.

Long into our second decade we started to see the special qualities of the vineyard: an intensity of focus, laser like crispness, boisterous fruit, and natural linear acidity. It was at some point shortly after that when it all came together - the idea of making interesting, experimental Ontario sparkling wine, which coincidentally; is also something you can’t rush.


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