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Vidal Icewine, 2018

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2018 Niagara Peninsula 375 mL, 11% ALC/VOL

Hand harvested in –8 degrees Celsius with a Brix of 37.6. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Vidal is a variety that ripens late and has thick skins, which helps it withstand the cold weather.

Appearance: Bright, alluring, golden colour.

Nose: Honey, apricot, flower gardens, fresh peach, and lychee.

Palate: A tropical fruit-driven sweetness is supported perfectly with well balanced acidity and lavish, lingering heat, eventually developing into layers of fresh apricot, raisin and ripe yellow pear.

Food pairings: Combine the strength and richness of this wine with blue veined, triple cream, washed rind, aged, and goat cheese. Try this at your next party: soak various dried fruit in Vidal icewine for up to 24 hours and serve with nuts atop a wheel of Brie. Experiment with a splash of icewine in your vinaigrette, or add it to a glaze, sauce, or mari- nade. Avoid chocolate desserts – instead, stick to fruity desserts and pastries, especially ones with apple, peaches apricot, or golden raisin.

  • National Wine Awards of Canada 2018, Bronze Medal National Wine Awards of Canada 2018, Bronze Medal
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    • National Wine Awards of Canada 2018, Bronze Medal