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Gin Trio Sampler Pack, NV

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NV BC 200 mL, 44% ALC/VOL

Long Table Distillery's Gin Trio Sampler Pack is the perfect gift for Gin loving friend, or a Gin sampler just for yourself! Our gin pack contains our award winning London Dry Gin, our Cucumber Gin, and our Barrel-Aged Gin. Act fast, this Gin Trio has limited quantities as it's a Limited Run product. Buy it today!

Consider direct shipment to gin loving friends and family through our site and gifts for staff or corporate customers (call us directly for large order placement).

London Dry Gin (1 x 200ml)
This gold award winning BC crafted Gin is our take on a London Dry style and is defined by a complex balance of eight botanicals. The result: bold, forward notes of evergreeny juniper and citrus followed by earthy woodsy notes, fennel and a hint of pepper – fragrant, flavourful, fresh.

Cucumber Gin (1 x 200ml)
This gold award winning BC crafted Gin is a copper pot distilled, New Western Dry Gin with nine botanicals and B.C. farm fresh cucumbers, seasonally sourced. This gin greets your palate with notes of fresh garden cucumber and soft citrus leading to a lingering peppery finish.

Barrel-Aged Gin (1 x 200ml)
This premium handcrafted Gin is aged in small 30-litre bourbon barrels and bottled when the spirit is suitably aged. The result is an aromatic small-batch gin with a uniquely complex finish, perfect as a sipping Gin or the foundation for a variety of cocktails. The flavour profile includes aromas of grapefruit, orange peel, spicy juniper and hints of baking spices on the nose, paired with silky smooth caramel and vanilla notes on the palate, leaving a lingering, rich and robust finish.

Each Gin Trio Sampler Pack contains 3 x 200ml bottles (1 x London Dry Gin, 1 x Cucumber Gin, 1 x Barrel-Aged Gin)

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