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Bella Terra Pinot Noir, 2019

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2019 Niagara Peninsula 750 mL, 14% ALC/VOL
Pinot Noir
The 2019 Bella Terra Pinot Noir from our Four Mile Creek Sub Appellation showcases a brilliant ruby red colour with a slight garnet hue, revealing its maturity and elegance.

Upon swirling the glass, the nose opens with inviting notes of ripe black cherries, offering a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess. These fruity aromas are complemented by the warming spice of nutmeg, which adds depth and complexity to the aromatic profile. Subtle hints of liquorice also emerge, providing a subtle earthiness.

As the wine reaches your palate, it reveals a vibrant essence of ripe raspberries, delivering a burst of juicy and tangy fruit flavours. These vibrant notes are interwoven with the warmth of cloves, which add a subtle spiciness and a touch of aromatic intensity. As the tasting experience continues, a surprising element spices emerge, bringing a unique and savoury twist to the wine.

This Pinot Noir concludes with a smooth and lingering finish, gracefully tying together the various flavour components. The wine's inherent elegance shines through as the flavours gently fade, leaving a lasting impression of its captivating character.

Food Pairing: To complement the flavourful profile of this Pinot Noir, a wonderful food pairing option would be seared duck breast with a raspberry glaze. The rich and succulent duck and tangy raspberry glaze harmonizes beautifully with the wine's black cherry and raspberry notes.

  • 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships, Gold 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships, Gold
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    • 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships, Gold