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Stratus Viognier, 2019

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2019 Niagara Peninsula 750 mL, 12% ALC/VOL
Critic's Rating 90 pts

Growing Conditions: Budbreak in most areas had a slight delay, however the sunny autumn drew out the end of the season. January started off mild but was a month full of significant weather events including extreme cold and heavy snowfall, which continued throughout February, while the rapid thaw in March was the major weather story of the spring. Significant snow melt led to high water levels for the start of the growing season. June brought summer weather with normal temperatures across Ontario and the growing season got under way. Flowering occurred quickly as the grapevines accelerated to make up for the late start. July was warm and sunny, punctuated by three short but intense heat waves, complemented by high humidity across southeastern and southwestern Ontario. Two significant rainfalls occurred in the month, maintaining soil moisture and supporting developing vines. August was warm and intermittently stormy, leading into a comparatively quiet September, cool with some rain – but bringing decent conditions to finish off the summer and begin the harvest season.

VQA Niagara Lakeshore

Critic's Rating

An intriguing, late-harvest style viognier here from Stratus in 2019, with plenty of spice on the nose, almost botrytis-like saffron and quince paste, dried apricot and peach, peach and orange blossom, and more in a complex expression, impressive for just 11.5% alcohol declared. The variety's struggle in Ontario comes through more on the palate with lean texture and sourish acids, missing the varietally typical volume and weight, though flavour intensity is again high and the finish lingers nicely. I'm inclined to say this would make for an excellent blending component rather than stand-alone wine (which Stratus does indeed use it for as well), though the range of flavours and ambition are both impressive. Will be interesting to track this wine over time - the acids should keep this shapely for a half dozen years or more. Tasted April 2022.
- John Szabo, MS, WineAlign
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