The Friday Files: News and Notes from Canada's Wine Scene

In Ontario, Winemakers taste success at Toronto farmers markets. The government pilot project is a win for wineries and wine drinkers. You can now find many of the top Niagara and Prince Edward Country wineries behind stalls in eighteen of TO's farmers markets.

In Pique, Anthony Gismondi gives advice and shares picks on what wines to bring to a summer party. Because, you know, " you really want to be the 10th person who arrives at the party with a bottle of Apothic red from California?"

For more outdoor food and wine fun, check out 13th Street Winery's Annual Blues + BBQ on Aug 16.

Coming soon... a documentary spanning an Okanagan vintage featuring Painted Rock, Covert Farms and Terra Bella. They've only just achieved their goal in a Kickstarter campaign, but here's an early trailer with many stunning shots.

They don't add acid, do they? In case you missed it, Beppi breaks the sometimes less-than-romantic news.

And, for something far from home: First bottles of Ethiopian wine produced by French firm Castel. Doesn't exactly sound like the high-quality, artisanal kind, but intriguing none-the-less. Oh, and the vineyard pests they reportedly have to contend with? Pythons, hippopotamuses and hyenas.

Jake Skakun is a writer and sommelier from Vancouver, currently living in Toronto. He can be found most days pulling corks and twisting caps at the Black Hoof. He Tweets and Instagrams @jakeskakun.

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