1. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Stratus Vineyards

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Stratus Vineyards

    We are excited to feature Stratus Vineyards in our August wine club packs. This Niagara-on-the-Lake winery is all about using sustainable practices to create elegant and refined high-quality wines. Sign up for the wine club today to get a stunning selection of Stratus wine delivered to your home or office. A wine club delivery is a great way to cap off the summer. Keep reading for a look at our August box.

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  2. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    Our featured winery for September is the exceptional 13th Street Winery! Located just outside of St. Catharines, ON, 13th Street Winery is committed to crafting excellent and authentic wines that are perfect for any occasion. Join our Wine Club today to receive a spectacular selection of their wine right to your door! Read on for a look inside September’s wine packs.

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  3. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Southbrook Vineyards

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Southbrook Vineyards

    Get excited for our February featured winery, Southbrook Vineyards! Southbrook is a well-known and innovative winery located in Niagara, Ontario. The Southbrook package is both a PERFECT gift for your Valentine and a delightful treat for yourself! Southbrook Vineyards is a shining example of outstanding winemaking. These particular wines are exclusive to Wine Club members and cannot be found in local liquor stores. Sign up for our Wine Club and we believe you and your Valentine will be falling in love with these delicious wines!

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  4. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Henry of Pelham

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Henry of Pelham

    Explore one of the oldest wineries in Niagara with this month’s featured winery, Henry of Pelham. Sign up for our Wine Club today to have 2-3 handpicked wines from a different Canadian winery each month delivered to your door with detailed tasting notes and pairing recommendations. Our monthly wine club membership also makes the PERFECT gift with wine packages delivered each month. It's truly the gift that keeps giving!

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  5. Valentine's Day Wine Club Feature

    Valentine's Day Wine Club Feature

    Celebrate your Valentine in style this year! For a limited time, we're offering you a special deal on wine so that you can treat that special someone. Sign up for the My Wine Canada Wine Club and you'll get a discount of $5 when you sign up for 3 months, and $10 when you sign up for 6 months. That's a savings of $5-$10 just for choosing to have fantastic wine delivered to your boo's door! Even better, we're featuring Niagara's 13th Street Winery this month, so your sweetheart's package will be a tantalizing curated collection of wine ranging from Riesling and Chardonnay to Pinot Noir and Merlot. Go to the wine club page and use the promo code "VALENTINE" to get your discount.

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  6. Wine Club Feature: Marynissen Estates Winery

    Wine Club Feature: Marynissen Estates Winery

    This month, our wine club members will receive a selection of beautifully crafted wines from Marynissen Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Keep reading to learn more about the winery's rich history and a few of our favourite bottles – then sign up for our wine club by Tuesday, August 15th to taste them for yourself!

    John Marynissen came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1952, and found a job picking fruit in Niagara Falls. By 2009, at the end of his career, he was recognized as a pioneer and unsung hero of Canada's burgeoning wine industry.

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  7. Top Wine Picks! Casa Dea Estates Winery

    Top Wine Picks! Casa Dea Estates Winery

    Casa Dea Estates Winery has been growing vines in Prince Edward County since 2000. Domenic Di Pietrantonio's 65 acres of vineyards in the County's famed clay limestone soil are two kilometers from the shore of Lake Ontario and its moderating effects. The winery and tasting room reflect the region's history in Loyalist-era architecture, and have become a popular wedding destination.

    Winemaker Paul Battilana's focus is on a collection of grapes that do very well in Prince Edward County: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gamay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Along with still wines, they are also making sparkling wines and appassimento-style wine, including Eva, made with dried Chardonnay grapes.

    This week Casa Dea is offering free shipping on any 6 or more bottles. Let's put together a Tasting Pack from their current offerings:

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  8. Holiday Wine Cocktails

    Holiday Wine Cocktails

    Those holiday bells are just beginning to ring, and among an upswing in merriment and cheer, we’re finding ourselves increasingly likely to imbibe all things delicious. Yes, this often includes enjoyable pours from our favourite Canadian wineries, but when cocktails are in order, that doesn’t mean we necessarily have to cast aside our grape-oriented brethren.

    Wine can be a key component of many an excellent cocktail, so if you’re looking to do a little stirring or shaking this holiday season, here are a few favourites.

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  9. Pair It Up With The Grange of Prince Edward

    Pair It Up With The Grange of Prince Edward

    The Grange of Prince Edward's wine portfolio is perfect for summer drinking. Whether white or red, the wines express the cool climate of Prince Edward County with high acidity and innate freshness. Even Cabernet Franc, a grape often vinified into a full-bodied, structured wine, is medium-bodied, vibrant, and extremely elegant in the hands of the Grange. In honour of the drinkability of these wines and the fact that they're featured this week for FREE SHIPPING, I've paired a few of them up with recent summer recipes from Western Living Magazine.

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  10. Top Wine Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Top Wine Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Once again this year I had the privilege of being a judge at the National Wine Awards of Canada hosted by WineAlign. It’s truly exciting to witness the growth of the Canadian wine industry. New wineries are constantly opening, not to mention the overall quality keeps on rising. 13th Street Winery has been making great wine from day one. If they were solid right from the start, they’ve never been better now. Below are four of my top picks currently available right here at My Wine Canada. Sign up to join the Wine Club, and you'll automatically get these wines sent to you this month. Go Canada Go!

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