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  1. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    We are thrilled to announce that the featured winery for August is 13th Street Winery. Located just outside St. Catharines, this veteran producer has been meticulously crafting award-winning wine for almost 25 years. This year is no different — 13th Street was just named the top winery in Ontario, and the #2 winery in Canada, at the 2022 National Wine Awards of Canada. 

    Sign up for the wine club today to get highly acclaimed wines delivered right to your home. While they have the market cornered on traditional method sparkling and gamay, they boast an impressive array of red, white, and rosé wines as well. Read on to see the featured bottles that are included in this month's pack...

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  2. My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: 13th Street Winery

    Our featured winery for September is the exceptional 13th Street Winery! Located just outside of St. Catharines, ON, 13th Street Winery is committed to crafting excellent and authentic wines that are perfect for any occasion. Join our Wine Club today to receive a spectacular selection of their wine right to your door! Read on for a look inside September’s wine packs.


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  3. Valentine's Day Wine Club Feature

    Valentine's Day Wine Club Feature

    Celebrate your Valentine in style this year! For a limited time, we're offering you a special deal on wine so that you can treat that special someone. Sign up for the My Wine Canada Wine Club and you'll get a discount of $5 when you sign up for 3 months, and $10 when you sign up for 6 months. That's a savings of $5-$10 just for choosing to have fantastic wine delivered to your boo's door! Even better, we're featuring Niagara's 13th Street Winery this month, so your sweetheart's package will be a tantalizing curated collection of wine ranging from Riesling and Chardonnay to Pinot Noir and Merlot. Go to the wine club page and use the promo code "VALENTINE" to get your discount....

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  4. Celebrate Mother's Day with Top Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Celebrate Mother's Day with Top Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the best possible gift you could give is time. The scarf, sweater or piece of jewelry might end up forgotten, but the laughs and stories shared over a few glasses of wine will be in your mom’s memories forever. 13th Street is one of my long-standing favourite wineries in Ontario. This week if you order 6 bottles or more from 13th Street Winery, you get FREE SHIPPING. Why not order a case for mom? Here are three of my top wine picks, and a delicious homemade meal that you can make with each one. It's a fabulous recipe for time spent together. Santé Maman!


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  5. Top Holiday Wine Gifts

    Top Holiday Wine Gifts

    Hectic is the word on the street right now! You need to leave a Christmas party early because you have a second one to go to on the same night. At the office, the bottles start to pop up at noon while everyone is trying to empty their inbox before the holidays. And what about those gifts you haven’t bought yet? Yes, this frantic time of the year can cause a lot of stress. Do yourself a favour and save a trip to the liquor store. Waiting in the huge line-up will only take time away from something else you could be doing. At My Wine Canada, you can buy online and the bottles will be directly delivered to your door. With picks from East to West, I have the perfect selection to get through the holidays. My gift to you. Merry Merry...

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  6. The Free Wine Shipping Series is Back

    The Free Wine Shipping Series is Back

    Last summer, we ran a Free Wine Shipping Flash Series where every week a different winery from across Canada provided free shipping on any orders of 6 bottles or more. It was so well received that we're doing it again…and continuing it right through to December!

    Every Monday, check our homepage banner to see which producer is featured. Then you've got one week to buy your favourite products from that winery or distillery (mixed packs are always encouraged) and get free shipping. By midnight on Sunday, the deal will be gone.

    When you sign up for our newsletter, you will always get a hint the week before about which producer will be the next featured free shipper (you can sign up at the bottom of any page on this site). A word of wisdom, when your favourite producers are featured take advantage of the free shipping deal and stock up because once a producer's week is up, you won't see them come around again...

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  7. Top Wine Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Top Wine Picks from 13th Street Winery

    Once again this year I had the privilege of being a judge at the National Wine Awards of Canada hosted by WineAlign. It’s truly exciting to witness the growth of the Canadian wine industry. New wineries are constantly opening, not to mention the overall quality keeps on rising. 13th Street Winery has been making great wine from day one. If they were solid right from the start, they’ve never been better now. Below are four of my top picks currently available right here at My Wine Canada. Sign up to join the Wine Club, and you'll automatically get these wines sent to you this month. Go Canada Go...

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  8. Pair It Up! Eggplant and Country Ham Ragù

    Pair It Up! Eggplant and Country Ham Ragù

    I was reading through Bon Appétit Magazine's 2015 edition of America's Best Restaurants and checking out recipes from their list of the ten rising stars in the US culinary landscape. They've chosen some incredible-looking restaurants like the Korean joint Parachute in Chicago, with their oh-so photogenic Steak-and-Eggs Bibimbap, or the clean, bright space in San Francisco's Mission District called AL's Place, where chef Aaron London has been wowing diners since the doors opened.

    One spot that really caught my eye is in small town North Carolina where...

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  9. Pair It Up! Peach & Pink Wine

    Pair It Up! Peach & Pink Wine

    A couple of months back, my wife and I moved to Chinatown in Vancouver. While it’s only a few blocks from our former neighbourhood of Mt. Pleasant, the move has made for a few notable changes in our lives. The biggest change has been with how we eat. We have to venture further than we used to for simple things that were always quite easy to come by, everything from fresh dill and cherry tomatoes to, well, personal staples like bread and cheese...

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  10. Valentine's Day Deals

    Valentine's Day Deals

    We've got lots to celebrate today! There's the big win for the Broncos in the Super Bowl last night. Plus today marks the start of Chinese Lunar New Year - Gong Hey Fat Choy and cheers to the Year of the Monkey! And in case we somehow forgot amidst the sea of heart-shaped commerce, Valentine's Day is this weekend. What better way is there to celebrate all these occasions than with wine deals? Here's what we've got for you, friends...

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