The Joy of Ordering Wine Online

I have drunken deep of joy,
And I will taste no other wine tonight.
– Percy Shelley

I’m writing this from a café in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON that overlooks the main street. It’s a quiet day here – the weekend crowds have long since dispersed, making for a great opportunity to sit back and reflect. And what I’ve been thinking about is just how much fun I’ve had ordering wine over the past 10 weeks since we launched our site.

In fact, on the weekend I hosted a small celebration in the company of family and friends, complete with several bottles of sparkling wine from L’Acadie Vineyards in Nova Scotia and some terrific reds from Thornhaven Estates on the opposite side of the country. I was able to both demonstrate and enjoy the benefits of the site, and I was really proud.

The event was marred by a single incident – I had only one bottle of the 2012 Syrah from Thornhaven. Not nearly enough to go around and with an amazing $25 price point, this misstep was impossible to explain economically or otherwise. In the end, I earned forgiveness by joining a group who made a pact to order a couple of cases – hedging against the sellout that is sure to come for this Platinum Award-winning wine.

Hosting this event really brought home the concept of ordering wine online as a social phenomenon. Going in with a buddy or two on an order can make for a win-win, especially when sampling from a newly discovered winery. Cost-wise, it’s advantageous to buy a full case and we commonly hear from customers who split a case or two with friends or colleagues. Trust us, nothing brings friends out of the woodwork quite like a couple cases of wine showing up at the office!

Wherever you send your wine, there’s always a bit of a thrill when the package arrives. You will likely feel inclined to open it up right away and check over the contents that have been lovingly packed by the winery, just for you. Some may experience giddiness. Remember being away at camp or at university and getting a care package from your parents? Well, it’s a bit like that except even better because this time it’s wine.

Of course, we all know that giving is better than receiving and since we have already demonstrated that receiving is pretty darn great, I’m sure you get the picture! What better way to show a loved one, colleague, or client how much they are appreciated than by sending them six or 12 bottles of a wine that you know they will love and can’t find anywhere else?

Many of you have yet to order wine online, from us or elsewhere. When you take that leap, do it to feel good about supporting Canadian wineries. Do it to receive something exclusive, unique, and high quality. Do it for the sheer joy of it.

We're pretty sure you'll do it again.

Let us know what you think!
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