Top Wine Picks! Pink Wines for Dad

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, thoughts turn to what to get Dad for his big day. Skip the ties, the golf balls, and the soap on a rope (does that still exist?) and buy Dad what you know he wants, and what he’ll truly appreciate: wine. It just so happens that My Wine Canada’s got a tidy little Father’s Day promotion on right now; when you buy six bottles of wine (or more) from one of the three selected wineries, you get free shipping.

And while there are some great picks in that blog post, here’s an alternate take: three wines THIS dad would ask his kids to get for him. And they’re all pink. Because more dads should drink pink wine, especially in summer.

1)  Upper Bench 2012 Rosé

Dry rosé is the perfect summer wine, and works so well with a wide variety of summer dishes. While this pink wine made from 100 per cent Zweigelt has been fermented dry, the bright red berry and watermelon notes are plenty ripe, balanced by secondary rhubarb flavours and just the right amount of acidity. Chill and serve with salads, softer/milder cheeses, or lighter grilled fish dishes.

2)  Konzelmann 2010 Méthode Cuve Close

Last week one of my picks to sip while watching the Women’s World Cup was the Riesling-based white bubbly from Konzelmann. This time around, it’s their pink bubbly, a dry, Merlot-based bubbly that’s perfect for celebrating Dad. Doughy, toasty notes work nicely with the red berry notes – think strawberry, raspberry and cherry – and the bright effervescence. Chill this right down and enjoy with finger foods, milder cheeses, or Dad’s favourite chips or popcorn.

3)  Le Vieux Pin 2014 Vaïla Rosé

Here’s another rosé fermented completely dry, this time made from gently pressed Pinot Noir. There’s no oak here – just vibrant, fresh watermelon, cherry, citrus, and modest rhubarb notes. It may be paler pink in colour, but the flavours are plenty intense thanks to an exceptionally warm vintage and low production (only 768 cases were made). Try with grilled salmon, veggie kebabs, and/or not-too-spicy charcuterie items.

Upper Bench Rosé My Wine CanadaKonzelmann Methode Cuve Close Rosé My Wine CanadaLe Vieux Pin Vaïla Rosé My Wine Canada

Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson is the wine columnist and literary editor for the Winnipeg Free Press. He’s on Twitter and Instagram at @bensigurdson.

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