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Fort Berens Estate Winery

  • My Wine Canada Wine Club Feature: Fort Berens Estate Winery

    Hailing from Lillooet, BC, Fort Berens Estate Winery is our featured producer this month for the My Wine Canada Wine Club. Get ready for some tantalizing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc reserves (to name a few) to arrive at your door next week! How do you get in on these exclusive wines that you can't get anywhere else? Sign up for the Wine Club right here and your package will be shipped to your home or office in no time. Your package includes tasting notes and pairing suggestions written by wine experts, and it makes the PERFECT holiday gift for the wine lover in your life. The deadline to receive Fort Berens' wine bounty is midnight tonight, so sign up now! Continue reading

  • Wine 101: Craft Beer for Wine Fans

    Anyone in the wine trade will tell you, there’s nothing better after a long session of wine tasting than a delicious, refreshing beer. Almost spa-like, it rejuvenates the palate wonderfully and, when necessary, allows you to keep the good times rolling. There are obvious differences and contrasts between wine and beer, but this post isn’t about the technical elements. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! – Fort Berens Estate Winery

    There’s no one else doing quite what Fort Berens Estate Winery is doing right now. That’s because when it comes to making wine in Lillooet, they’re pretty much the only game in town. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Fort Berens Estate Winery

    The pioneering spirit of being first at something is cause for both great excitement and queasy uncertainty. Thankfully, the dedication and hard work that went into establishing Fort Berens Estate Winery in Lillooet, B.C. spurred plenty of the former and little of the latter.

    That’s not surprising, given the amount of research Continue reading

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