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Nova Scotia

  • Seasonal Wine Gifts That Sparkle

    As holiday gift-giving reaches fever pitch over the next couple weeks, why guess at your friends or family’s sizes to ensure that new sweater will fit, or wonder if they really need a new cutting board? Not only is a great bottle of wine always appreciated this time of year (or really, any time of year), but sometimes a fun bonus with gifting a stellar bottle is that your recipient just may be inclined to share it with you down the road! And, of course, who doesn’t love bubbles? Here are three top Canadian sparkling wines perfect for gift-giving (but you can always feel free to treat yourself to ‘em, as well)! And if you act fast, you can get Lang Vineyards' Sparkling Rosé with free shipping.

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  • Free Shipping From Benjamin Bridge, Acclaimed Sparkling Wine House

    This past week has been heavy in emotion. The roller coaster of the US election, then the death of music legend Leonard Cohen. Add to that the days that are now getting darker and shorter. Well, we've got something that will brighten your day - free shipping from Benjamin Bridge! There is just something about bubbles that always makes you feel better. 

    Lily Bollinger of Bollinger said it so well: “I drink Champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it -- unless I'm thirsty.” But it’s not Champagne that I recommend drinking to lift your spirit. I don’t know about you but I have never been more proud to be Canadian than during this past week. So I propose a toast to our wonderful country with the stunning bubbles from acclaimed sparkling wine producer Benjamin Bridge in Nova Scotia.

    Another reason to feel proud. Benjamin Bridge is offering you an unprecedented deal on their premium wines with free shipping this week on 6+ bottles. This is an excellent occasion to stock up for the holidays - take advantage now, because this deal won't be coming around again anytime soon. Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Planters Ridge

    Meet Nova Scotia's newest winery, Planters Ridge. Nova Scotia's wine scene has been gaining more attention recently, which we can chalk up to a rise in the number of great quality wines and a more unified vision and marketing around the wines (see Tidal Bay). But don't think just because you haven't heard much about Nova Scotian wine until recently that it's a new region. Vines have been grown here since the 1600s—among the first cultivated regions in North America. Planters Ridge is embracing the history of the land; the name references the fact that the farm was part of an original land grant by the Lieutenant Governor offered to the New England Planter families in 1760. Continue reading

  • Free Wine Shipping (Happy Holidays!)

    The holiday season is officially upon us.  In other words, we need to get excellent wine to all of you STAT to ensure that you're stocked up for the holidays because, as we all know, wine is truly the "good cheer" that gives us all wings at these festive gatherings ;-) Continue reading

  • Canadian Winery Spotlight: Benjamin Bridge

    The recent accolades for high quality traditional method sparkling wine from Atlantic Canada is not just a fluke or an anomaly. Traditional method sparkling producers in Nova Scotia have risen to five wineries: L’Acadie Vineyards, Benjamin BridgeDomaine de Grand Pré, Blomidon Estates, and Avondale Sky - and more are on the way! And the trend has even flowed across the border to New Brunswick - which now has two. Continue reading

  • Top Wine Picks! White Grape Rarities

    In Canada, our vineyards are almost exclusively planted with popular French grapes—and for good reason—whether for climate suitability, trends, or economic motivations. That being said, there are over a thousand cultivated grape varieties and when a winery is growing a lesser-known grape and achieving success, it's always exciting. Continue reading

  • Pair it up! Wine and Lobster

    It’s been a big week-and-a-bit for Canadian wine lovers in Nova Scotia. Late last week, the province decided to officially open its borders to interprovincial wine shipping.

    In honour of that decision — which moves Nova Scotia into the same territory as Manitoba and British Columbia (and hopefully Saskatchewan and Ontario are close behind), I thought Continue reading

  • The Friday Files: News & Notes From Canada’s Wine Scene

    While most wine lovers cringe at the thought of rosé being relegated to a seasonal drink, we're approaching the time of year where the masses drink the pink stuff en masse. In The Edmonton Journal, Gurvinder Bhatia shares his rosé picks, including the 2014 Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir blend from My Wine Canada member Tantalus Vineyards. Continue reading

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