Wine Club Feature: Marynissen Estates Winery

This month, our wine club members will receive a selection of beautifully crafted wines from Marynissen Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Keep reading to learn more about the winery's rich history and a few of our favourite bottles – then sign up for our wine club by Tuesday, August 15th to taste them for yourself!

John Marynissen came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1952, and found a job picking fruit in Niagara Falls. By 2009, at the end of his career, he was recognized as a pioneer and unsung hero of Canada's burgeoning wine industry.

He and his wife Adrianna began growing vinifera grapes in the 1970s, while many growers still said that European varietals couldn't handle the Canadian climate. In particular, John had a passion for Cabernet Sauvignon, and against all advice he added it to the vineyard in 1978. This was the first commercial planting of Cabernet Sauvignon in Canada, and is now the pride of the estate.

"What I remember best about [John] is his obsession with Cabernet Sauvignon. At that time, everyone was telling us it would never grow here, it's too cold...but he babysat those grapevines and he was able to grow them." - Donald Ziraldo, co-founder of Inniskillin

John and Adrianna sold their grapes to Niagara wineries for many years, but John kept a few on hand for his own amateur winemaking. He went on to pick up several top awards at the American Wine Society's annual competition, including Best Vinifera Wine for his 1989 Chardonnay. Friends convinced him to start his own commercial winery, and since 1991, Marynissen Estates has celebrated its creator's pioneering legacy and passion for excellence.

Here are some of our favourite picks – just a few of the fantastic bottles that our wine club members can expect delivered to their door this month!

2014 Platinum Chardonnay

Estate grown and hand harvested from Marynissen's vineyards in the Four Mile Creek sub-appellation in Niagara. You can expect aromas of lime, grapefruit and nectarine that continue onto the palate. Medium-bodied with a rich and creamy finish from the careful oak aging. Perfect with Nova Scotia lobster, fish and chips, and veal scallopini.

2014 Platinum Cabernet Franc

A soulful medley of dark cherry, cedar, spices, and black tea. Hints of black pepper and smoke round out this medium-bodied wine. This fantastic Ontario Wine Award winner will pair well with heartier fare, like rosemary-herbed lamb or grilled beef.

2014 Platinum Gamay Noir

This Niagara Gamay is showing bright red berry fruit (think strawberries, raspberries, and cherries), along with black pepper and a hint of spice. Enjoy with summer ham and pork dishes, or with cedar plank-grilled salmon on the BBQ.

wine club Marynissen 2014 Platinum Chardonnay      wine club Marynissen 2014 Platinum Cabernet Franc     wine club Marynissen 2014 Platinum Gamay Noir

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